Felony Pre-Charge Diversion Program

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Felonies are bad news for everyone.  The victim, the community, the perpetrator, and for the criminal justice system.  The costs (both capital and human) associated with felonies and the time spent prosecuting some of these cases are causing a strain on the whole criminal justice system.

In 2014, We established an 18 month Felony Pre-Charge Diversion pilot with the St. Louis County MN Attorney’s Office. Initially this program entered 37 individuals, all with pending felony charges.  Only one has failed their required commitments and has been referred back to the County for further review or charging.  The remaining individuals are on a 12 or 24 month monitoring program with verifiable requirements and guidance for Diversion Solutions Advisors. Requirements include reporting into the advisor each month on commitments, class scheduling, evaluations restitution, drug testing, no negative contact with law enforcement, community service requirements and other directed activities. Upon successful completion, the case is dismissed.

Cost effective solutions using best of class reporting and results.

  1. 96% of the participants completed and met the requirements. 
  2. Recidivism rate of 4% of participants reoffended or did not meet program requirements (2014 through June 2016)
  3. Diversion Solutions has all the forms needed to develop your program.
  4. Victim restitution is tracked, administered and fully distributed in a timely fashion.
  5. All costs associated with the program are managed by Diversion Solutions.
  6. Human and hard costs of incarceration to both the community and the families of the offender are avoided.  The savings can be deployed for other criminal justice priorities.
  7. The Justice System, from policing efforts through the courts, are seen in the community as making a difference, for the good.

Call us for further details and how this program can be piloted in your community: 651.385.4341

Active/successful vs. Failed
  • 96% Percentage Graduated or Active
  • 4% Failed to meet requirements


Daniel Lew
Chief Public Defender, 6th Judicial District - Northeastern Minnesota
“The Felony Pre-Charge Diversion is a pathway to successful communities: no criminal charges, no criminal record. Countless folks now have an opportunity to keep and find jobs, support their growing families, remain in stable homes, get student loans, and make right to those harmed.”