Do you need to reinstate your driving privileges? Check out our programs to see how we can help!

Driver’s License Reinstatement

Tired of driving without a valid DL? The Driver’s License Reinstatement Program allows you to reinstate your DL and drive legally while paying off your fines and fees. It’s free to apply and your monthly payment is based on affordability.

DAC/IPS Reinstatement

Frustrated with trying to figure out all the requirement to get your DL reinstated? We can help you with the requirements and navigation through the system. Call us to review your file of requirements and establish a timeline to remove your DAC/IPS.

Traffic Education

Do you need to take a traffic education class to satisfy a court order or are you seeking a traffic education program to offer in your jurisdiction? This program is for you! It covers 36 of most common traffic violations and new laws passed through all states.


Ready to eliminate that pesky charge(s) from years ago? We have teamed with a top-notch lawyer and negotiated unbelievable rates. If you have already completed a Diversion Program your expungement can be as little as $750 and this can be paid over time.

Retail Theft

This successful program was developed to support merchants large or small, individuals, and police departments. Hold back on writing a citation and let us educate the perpetrator on how theft creates higher prices, fewer jobs, the accumulative factors of cost, and moves into why we are all responsible for our behavior.

SCALE – A Model for Change

SCALE brings multiple diversion programs under one roof tapping the skills of numerous service providers to support individuals with drug, theft, property crime, domestic violence, or child abuse challenges by using a single effective model.

S – See beyond your present situation
C – Confront your reason/excuses
A – Adapt to your new life
L – Leverage your resources
E – Engage the changes

SCALE supports prosecuting attorneys who are looking to seek alternatives to prosecution and individuals seeking to fulfill court ordered requirements.

For more information, check out these program brochures:


Whether you’re looking for support for your jurisdiction, tired of the long wait times for an assessment, or need to fulfill a court order, we can conduct your assessment within 72 hours.

  • Rule 25
  • Mental Health
  • Diagnostic
  • Anger
  • Domestic Violence Inventory (DVI)

Insurance accepted. All assessments are followed up with support by Diversion Solutions or a preferred service provider.

Felony/Rehab-Friendly Employment

This program is supported by Lighthouse Beginnings (LHB)

That’s right! We have convinced businesses that they are missing out on hiring great employees. If you have turned the corner on life and need a good job to support your family contact us. Full and part time well paying jobs with benefits are available.

Employers! Contact us to discuss our process to get you the best employees we can find and mitigate your liability. Some of our process includes:

  1. Full Background Check (nothing hidden)
  2. LHB interviews the candidate and references
  3. LHB administers a Risk Test
  4. LHB manages individual with you
  5. Applicant must attend “HOW TO BE A GOOD EMPLOYEE” training
  6. You interview the candidate


Diversion Solutions offers 6 paid internships per year. These internships help build your skills in communication, organization, listening, and responsibility. They also help build your work history and references.

Family Support

  • Home drug kits
  • Intervention interview
  • Referral to rehab organizations based on your needs


Don’t let this nasty word make you nervous, anxious, or mad. We know that business, courts, civil suits, probations, victims, and yes, debtors need a mediator at times. We’re here to make sure all entities can come to an agreement to get your debt satisfied.

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