Diversion Solutions has been providing innovative loss preventions and diversion programs for retailers and Law enforcement 1998. Scott Adkisson and John McCullough began these services by developing an innovative check diversion program by partnering with major retailers

Throughout the upper Midwest. Scott and John developed and managed this check diversion program under the Retailers Protection Association (1997).

In 2000 Scott and John McCullough established Financial Crimes Services (FCS) to help retailers and financial institutions reduce losses due to bad checks and fraud. At the same time, they also formed Diversion Solutions to expand programs for prosecutors needing alternative programming at a city and county level. Both Diversion Solutions and FCS continue to grow and continue to partner with RPA in providing expertise in developing the MN Financial Crimes Task Force program.

As history has it, in 2008 the world changed for many businesses and put a strain on prosecutors’ offices requiring there offices to do more with less.

Diversion Solution has proactively adjusted to serve those growing needs and have expanded their offerings to support prosecutors in these additional areas;

  • Drivers License Reinstatement programs
  • Traffic Education Courses
  • Felony Pre-Charge- Diversion Pilot program
  • Sentence Monitoring Educate program
  • Custom Diversion programs and accountability programs (alternatives to prosecution).

These best practice programs has been to support merchants with check diversion, understand how fraud develops and then train the entities mentioned above on prevention and apprehension. After providing thousands of training seminars, developing cases and reviewing tens of thousands of fraud documents we at FCS had decided to branch out by developing new diversion programs and software.

Today we continue the leadership and innovation of diversion programs. Working with Victims, the criminal justice systems and the offender, our evidence based training programs assist and effectively create the environment and accountability for offenders to make restitution and change behavior that help put the pieces back together again for both victims, offenders and their communities.

Management Team

Scott James Adkisson

CEO, president, and founder of Financial Crimes Services (FCS) and Diversion Solutions

As CEO, president and founder of Financial Crimes Services (FCS), and Diversion Solutions Scott Adkisson is responsible for day-to-day operations and new business development. With headquarters in Red Wing, MN, FCS is a leader in developing and providing the most advanced fraud prevention tools and Diversion Solutions is a leader in developing and managing multiple diversion programs that support state laws. Adkisson works with numerous state and local agencies to develop new diversion programs that will be beneficial for states, counties, cities, businesses, taxpayers, and offenders.  Adkisson was instrumental in legislation being enacted to establish diversion programs in both Minnesota in 2009, 2011 and Wisconsin in 2006.

Mr. Adkisson has developed the following programs:

Driving Diversion, Property Crimes Diversion,Felony Pre-Trial Diversion, Check Diversion, Warrant Diversion, Drug Diversion, Tobacco Diversion, Responsible Neighbor Diversion and Sentence Monitoring Education Program.

Prior to establishing FCS in 2001, Adkisson served as president and owner of Technology Resources Corporation where he was responsible for business development and contracts. Based in Andover, MN, the company assisted clients in troubleshooting and resolving database problems.

Over the years, Adkisson has worked closely with Fortune 100 and 500 companies to help them define the process and controls on building custom software to support their operations.  These companies include AT&T, Target, United Health Care, and Norwest Banks (now Wells Fargo).

Earlier Adkisson was the lead recruiter with The Talus Group, a full service recruiting organization for software developers. Through his success in placing developers in permanent positions and building the custom programming division, Adkisson was the essential element in transforming The Talus Group from a company that was nearly going out of business into a $5 million operation.

Adkisson is an active member of the City of Red Wings Mayors Blue Ribbon Panel, Port Authority of Red Wing, International Association of Financial Crimes, State of MN Prisons Transition Coalition. Goodhue County Historical Society and a resident of Red Wing.

John McCullough

Chairman of Financial Crimes Services (FCS)

John McCullough has been chairman of Financial Crimes Services (FCS) since 2007. In this position, he is responsible for the development of the company strategies, development of the SNARE fraud prevention product division and working with the board of directors to effectively manage the company.

He also serves as president and founder of Financial and Retailers Protection Association, since 1997 (FRPA is a recent name change from Retailers Protection Association) and as the founder and former chair of the Midwest Economic Crime Foundation. In 2007, John provided training in Islamabad Pakistan for law enforcement on financial crimes. He has been recognized for outstanding work on financial crimes by the United States Secret Service.

Prior to taking the chairman’s position with FCS, John also served as the civilian director of the Minnesota Financial Crimes Task Force.  John created the legislation to form the Minnesota Financial Crimes Task Force in 2000 in partnership with Chris Abbas, Sergeant of the Minneapolis Police Department.  The Task Force was formed to build financial crimes cases against organized criminal groups.  John was responsible for the civilian operations and administrative support for the Task Force through 2007.

John was a regional manager with Target Corporation in its Department Store Division for 22 years.  During this time he held various positions including managing company investigations unit and the development of its fraud and theft detection systems.

John earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Minnesota.  He is an active Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), and he is a native and resident of Plymouth, MN.