Partner with Diversion Solutions

Our partners include police officers, prosecutors, judges, lawyers, and family members. We provide innovative and evidence-based diversion programs that work for the victim, the legal community, and the offender.

We have partnerships with various organizations, localities, professionals, and family members who refer individuals to us who are caught up in the legal system and are in need of one or more of our programs.

Our programs include: (click for more information)

Daniel Lew
Chief Public Defender, 6th Judicial District - Minnesota
“The Felony Pre-Charge Diversion is a pathway to successful communities: no criminal charges, no criminal record. Countless folks now have an opportunity to keep and find jobs, support their growing families, remain in stable homes, get student loans, and make right to those harmed.”
Paul G. Beaumaster
Former Rice County Attorney
“Diversion Solutions stepped up to the plate, took on the development task (freeing up my employees) and developed both programs. Scott provided solutions that not only saved money, but improved outcomes for the participants and the county.”

Do you have someone to refer who is in need of one of our programs?

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