Partners with Diversion Solutions

Our partners include; prosecutors, judges, law enforcement, public defenders, defense attorneys, and family members.  We provide innovative evidence based programming that works!

Our programs were developed to allow us to smoothly insert your requirements to offer an effective alternative to offenders while holding them accountable to the criminal justice system.

Our programs do not require a contract or funding. We follow all established State laws and procedural processes by the prosecutor and law enforcement.

Driver’s License Reinstatement program for partners

Our Driver’s License reinstatement program is the only program recognized by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. 

Traffic Education Course for partners

Minor traffic violations often times require more action than a citation or warning ticket. Increasing public safety is an important role for law enforcement and the legal system and when risky driving behaviors are observed even the normal ticket will not correct a driver’s knowledge on traffic rules and regulations.

Felony Pre-Charge –Diversion-Pilot Program

Felonies are bad news for everyone. The victim, the community, the perpetrator, and for the criminal justice system. The costs (both capital and human) associated with felonies and the time spent prosecuting some of these cases are causing a strain on the whole criminal justice system.

Supervise Monitoring Educate Program (SME)

SME by Diversion Solutions takes on the responsibility to supervise individuals who fall through the cracks of probation. Our SME ensures that court or prosecuting attorney requirements are fulfilled.